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Welcome To The Future of healthcare

Dr. Bolzicco helps you get results so you can get back to doing more of what you love


Our Roots

Learn about what made Kawartha Medical bloom into the healthy practice of naturopathic medicine and where Jessica found her love of healthy eating! Here you'll also find out more about what will make your visit unique!


Naturopathic doctors are recognized medical providers and Dr. Bolzicco is a part of Canada's growing healthcare system. She works alongside other medical professionals so there's no need to choose between conventional and natural - you can benefit from both.


Our doctor

Dr. Jessica Bolzicco, ND is a vibrant professional full of life, experience, and intellect. Dr.Bolzicco institutes many healthful practices into her and her family's lives and intends to help you learn to do the same!


Dr. Bolzicco is Trained to reduce risk of disease and educate Patients on the principals of preventative medicine

Jessica is changing the way we approach health